Organic Urban Farming
Newlavie's mission is to bring Organic Urban Farms to the masses. Supplying nutritious and affordable organic produce to address global food insecurity, whether due to income disparity, or insufficient agricultural resources. With our produce-selling partners, we believe our mission is commercially viable and of ever-increasing value.
Along with our food insecurity mission, is the sustainability with which we will produce. From 95% water efficiency, to no pesticides and chemical fertilizers, to the ability to reuse our substrate for mushroom production and/or as organic fertilizer for green houses, we are committed to improving sustainability outside of our own operations.
We have reached this point through the design and development of every level of our Organic Urban Farms. Everything from our own LED lights, organic growth substrate, and irrigation system has been crafted to maximize success. In fact, our solutions are versatile enough to allow us to provide them to partners seeking improved efficiency.
Growth technology and process are the key indicators of success, but logistics and infrastructure are close seconds. Newlavie is equipped for these challenges with everything from a consolidated supply chain providing prefab construction & modular structure systems, to AI & data analytics driving advancement through IoT monitoring.
Blending Agriculture and Technology

Products and Services

  1. Organic Urban Farm
    Organic Urban Farm
    With the ability to grow over 100 leafy greens, microgreens, and herbs with our process, we are extremely excited to commercialize our most important work!
  2. Hydroponic Growth Systems
    Hydroponic Growth Systems
    For certain situations, hydroponics are an excellent choice. Using NFT in place of our substrate and irrigation system, we still see excellent results.
  3. Organic Growth Substrate
    Organic Growth Substrate
    Our substrate utilizes coco coir & various organic nutrients to provide nutrition through an entire crop cycle, no additions necessary. crop, or sold as raw coco coir.
  4. LED Grow Lights
    LED Grow Lights
    Whether roses, vine crops, or vegetables our modular LED grow lights are configured to the specific crop's light spectrum and modularized from 10W bars to 800W high yield units!
  5. AI & Data Analytics
    AI & Data Analytics
    With our partners, we are striving to bring the feedback and predictive systems other industries are currently utilizing to urban farming.
  6. Prefab Structure Execution
    Prefab Structure Execution
    We have been approached by some partners to aid in building out prefab buildings, through our supply chain. The invaluable experience is an available service for future partners.
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